I love a good storm. More than that, I love chasing them and producing images from them.

I got interested in storms (and weather in general) as a child. Storms didn't so much scare me as they did excite me. Lightning and thunder fascinated me and hail amazed me. There was more power and mystery there than any book or movie! Weather was often part of my imagination.

When I started picking up a camera and loading it with film, one of the things I wanted to do most was capture lightning striking the ground. A decade later, and I'd started getting serious about my photography and it all came together. Digital cameras changed photography and in some ways, made it possible to do the thing I love most when film held me back. I never did have the funds to waste film, now its a file and the cost per click is far cheaper.

Ever since I got my first digital camera, I've chased storms and will continue to for as long as I can.