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Bermagui Beach House

In 2012 we visited the Bermagui Beach House for a quiet (working) weekend away. The owners contacted us to update the photos they use to advertise their holiday accommodation. They had done a lot of work since their previous photos, and wanted to showcase the updated features and uniqueness of the property.

The Bermagui Beach House is situated on the hill above the cove. Just a quiet beach house from the front, the back of the house is the real feature with lovely ocean views from the back veranda. The decor is a lovely mix of antique and coastal style which feels just right for the property. With a job like this it's really nice to spend the extra time to see a house's different moods. Knowing where the sun streams in in the early morning and late afternoon, capturing the views, getting a good balance of light inside and out. While we were at the beach house we also took the opportunity to shoot some video to put together a promotional clip.


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