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Real Estate Photography - Bonner Canberra

A good photographer tries not to get stuck in their old ways. Improving your photography and constantly seeking and trying new techniques should always be part of the process.

This house in Bonner was one of those rare opportunities a real estate photographer sometimes gets. A time when there is no one around and you can have a bit of play with some new ideas. I shot it back in February and I'm very glad now that I had the chance to play with my camera without any time restraint.

Previously to this house, I'd shot predominantly flash assisted. Until recently, I haven't liked the final product of most computer aided techniques such as HDR (High Dynamic Range). It produces some poor artifacts such as ghosting and halos around dark to light areas. I still dislike most HDR produced images.

In the last year or two I've been watching a process unfold that takes a similar approach to HDR but doesn't produce the over the top look that HDR does. The process is called Enfusing and It blends images together the same way I do manually but the software does most of it automagically. The end result is still something that I feel I can work with. It doesn't make my job any easier or even any shorter but it does take away some of the processes that I hated doing, which means I love what I do a little more.

The outcome of this is that I learnt a few other techniques while researching and practicing, putting together a final image that I'm happier with and eliminating some of the artifacts that flash itself can produce. No more nasty shadows from overhead fans and dangling lights and cleaning them up in post production -YAY!

In the end, it doesn't really matter how you take a photo... all that matters is that the end product is something that the client loves.

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