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In the Back Yard - 15-05-2015

We have some resident Cockatoos that like to visit us every single day. It might have something to do with us regularly putting seed out for them or it could just be that they like us. I like to think its the latter.

One little fella in particular, who we've called Rocky the Cockie is particularly friendly.  The leader of his little flock, and for good reason, he's one tough bird who knows little fear.

He fights for his share, never seemingly going too far with his pushy behavior but far enough to get his fill of the food.  He hops up onto our window sill every day and sometimes pecks at the window to let us know he's there if we don't see him.

He's a character of a bird. His friends are characters as well.

Nala the dog isn't always impressed with our new and extended family