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Why Professional Real Estate Photography Makes Sense

A buddy of mine here in Canberra was considering selling his house. Over a coffee he asked me: “Is there any real value in hiring a professional photographer to take the photos?” I was so astonished I almost spilled my coffee! After thinking about it for a moment, it struck me that this is probably a question many people ask themselves when in the same situation.

Of course, as you’d expect, I answered ‘yes’. This isn’t just because a professional photographer helps make your piece of real estate look its best from every angle. It’s about the single key difference between me taking the pictures and you doing it yourself. You take pictures of your home. I take photos of a property that needs to be sold.

There is a difference, and it can be crucial in making a sale, or having a property simply languishing with the ‘For Sale’ board out the front for a very long time. You have lived and loved, laughed and cried, enjoyed good times and probably some bad, inside your home. When you take pictures you see it through emotional eyes. What can seem like a charming shot full of memories to you, can sadly be off-putting and cluttered to a potential buyer who wants to turn your property into their home.

Therefore for me, one key task when undertaking a professional real estate photography assignment, is to try and see the property through the eyes of potential buyers. This means I can select the shots that should be most appealing to them. I, or the real estate agent, can also, tactfully, suggest to the present owners some cosmetic changes to be made before taking interior shots. My aim is often to make it appear less lived-in by one family, simply to make it look more attractive to possibly be lived-in by another!

I know that selling a home, particularly if you’ve been there for a while, is often an emotional experience. This is true even if you are enthusiastic about the change. My aim is simply to help you make that move as quickly as you can, by presenting your property at its best to all potential buyers.

  • Tharwa Bridge

    I had some time between jobs photographing houses yesterday. Since I was already out at Banks, I thought I'd swing past the Murrumbidgee River and spend 15 minutes appreciating the flowing water. Its one of the perks of being your own boss.