Month in Review

These are some of my favorite shots from the last month or just some shots I find interesting for whatever reason.

I've been trying to pick the camera up outside of my commissioned work. Getting back to roots as it were, and remembering that photography was also a great way to relax. Sometimes, like any hobby turned business, you forget you also did what you love for the love of it rather than a booking :)

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Real Estate Photography - Bonner Canberra

A good photographer tries not to get stuck in their old ways. Improving your photography and constantly seeking and trying new techniques should always be part of the process.

This house in Bonner was one of those rare opportunities a real estate photographer sometimes gets. A time when there is no one around and you can have a bit of play with some new ideas. I shot it back in February and I'm very glad now that I had the chance to play with my camera without any time restraint.

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GLS Electrical Services - The return to Taylor Primary School

Earlier in the year I got asked to shoot the refurbished Taylor Primary School in Kambah, Canberra. It was a great project and had a lot of companies and contractors on site to complete the work. Almost 6 months after the original shoot I had the privilege to be asked to go back again and shoot the lighting for GLS Electrical. GLS fitted all the lighting in the school, including the emergency lighting, car-park and the spotlights for the stage lighting in the main hall.

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Commercial Photography - Barry Drive Canberra City

One of my regular commercial photography clients Rork Projects work on office fit-outs and refurbishments both large and small. Sometimes what looks relatively simple can be deceiving. This is the old Hewlett Packard building on Barry Drive in Canberra City. This office was full of built-in servers and computer stations, desks and room divisions. It has now been totally remodelled by Rork Projects back into usable office space.

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