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AAT - Canberra Commercial Photography

Usually a new fit-out is shot as soon as it is completed and before a client moves in. Sometimes though, that can't happen due to circumstances that are out of the clients control. When that happens, you often just have to hope that when your client moves in, they don't have too much stuff or they are super clean.

The AAT (or Australian Administrative Tribunal) had to get in quick. There was no time for photography after the project was completed. Thankfully, the staff at AAT are nice and clean. They're also a gracious host, letting me come in and finish my coffee and breakfast inside while waiting for the site manager to arrive.

Despite being moved in, the office is still spotless and clean. Everything is in its place and that makes my job just that much easier.

My favorite part of this site would have to be the foyer. A great deal of attention was given to all the little details on this job. Rork Projects really outdid themselves.