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In the Back Yard 21-3-2015

On the weekend we had some friends over for a bit of a barbecue. We all had a lot of fun watching the dogs running circles, and even though it was a weekend I took the opportunity to pull out the camera to get practice photographing fast moving objects (sorry, dogs).

Nala, our tan (sorry, peach-fawn!) Mastiff, is a rescue from the RSPCA. When we got her she was approximately nine months old. She had come from a farm and was poorly socialised, lacking in some training and completely petrified of anything in an urban environment. From buses to people to tight spaces, she was terrified. Even houses seemed to overwhelm her.

She's settled in with us well over the months. She's learnt a lot of tricks and is mostly well behaved but our list of friends with dogs is short and socialising regularly is hard. This was a great experience for her and she had a ball playing with Charlie, a rescue that our friends foster.

*no dogs were harmed in the making if these photographs.

  • In the Garden Today

    Nala the dog doing what she does best, checking out her territory and sniffing everything in sight.

    In the Backyard 26-06-2015

    Our friend Rocky (the Cockie) is back this morning, pecking at the window to let me know he's here. Seems to be bringing in a few more to his flock.