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Adshel Bus Shelters - Commercial Photography Canberra

A big job and a tight deadline.

Adshel provide advertising at bus shelters across Canberra's bus network. They have 150+ sites and cover all major town centres. I was originally, upon confirmation, going to get two weeks to shoot all the bus shelters in Canberra which feature Adshel advertising. That didn't end up being the case.

After some delays, I ended up with just over six days to complete the job. It was Wednesday and they needed everything by next Tuesday. It was all good, until I looked at the weather forecast... three days of solid rain! Canberra was going to received its entire winters rainfall in the next few days and there was no possible way to shoot in those conditions.

Given the now, incredibly tight deadlines, we were going to need get the job done in a hurry. We started crunching the numbers. 300 panels, 150 sites, all across Canberra.

With just 6 hours of daylight shooting - which is about all you get in winter - over three and a bit days. That equates to around 15 panels an hour. Add to that route planning before each trip to plan the smoothest run, editing, uploading, metadata, etc, and it was a very close finish.

Having said all that, we succeeded in finishing the job in time and have some very happy clients.

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