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Westfield Digital Advertising - Commercial Photography

I was asked to shoot all the new digital advertising around Westfield Belconnen and Woden here in Canberra. We call these sort of shots "Site Cards" and their purpose is to show the position and exposure of potential advertising.

The challenge here is patience under a deadline pressure. The main criteria for this sort of shoot is to show people walking past the advertising. A lot of poeple (understandably) don't want to be on camera and choose a different route to get to their destination. That brings the challenge of knowing when you you've got the right shot and in the time frame for the job.

All in all, I shot around 40 panels across the two locations over a couple of days. I had a lot of people approach me out of curiosity, a number of people dancing and acting pretty silly, and a few who were just rather rude. Thats actually what makes this sort of work interesting. You have to be able to handle the folk who want to misbehave and be polite to those who are innocently taking up your time, all the while getting your job done.